1. The user of every day cookies mag can add content to website, which include articles, images and feedback (from here on – “content material”). Website does now not make certain the confidentiality of consumer’s content. Any copyright or coverage violations can result in the deletion of content material and termination of consumer’s account.

2. Person is responsible for content uploaded to internet site. User confirms that content material is consumer’s assets and that person has the essential licenses/permission to add content material to internet site.

3. Content material is user’s assets. By means of importing content to website, consumer presents internet site permission to use and distribute content in any website online or commercial owned by way of or associated with day by day cookies mag. Consumer presents all different website customers permission to view content. Those permissions are in strength so long as content is displayed on internet site, however website has a right to keep an informative reproduction of content material even after person has deleted it.

Four. Performing in accordance with the eu Copyright Directive, website doesn’t search for information that show violations. Website without delay reacts to copyright proprietor’s form about possible copyright or some other right violations. We encourage you to fill out our copyright violations form.